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We deliver market intelligence and precise data including detailed volumes of your trade and trade of your competition within Serbian market (in both currency and volume) in detail that is unique and unprecedented, all due to access to data we have locally. Information we provide can give you a significant advantage on Serbian market and valuable insight into market and your industry in general. We do not provide general market research – but concrete trade figures for those products that you have concrete interest in, as well as on all companies trading them on Serbian market.

Our analytics team has the expertise and staff necessary to focus on even the smallest details when you need them.

Area in which we specialize and from which we acquire significant share of information is the external trade data. Our access bypasses by far general statistical data – it goes to the most detailed levels of trade information (including values in currency).

Serbia as a relatively small market is import/export oriented and therefore concrete trade figures we obtain from the data sources we have access to – for each and every company that trades in or with Serbia – can show the complete picture about a local market and hold immensely valuable information on almost every import/export process that happened.

We assist our clients in their market presence and help them define their commercial approach

Our research provides you with details on your competition’s presence in Serbia, their general market share and market share through each product or product group they supply locally, their local partner’s details, and trends you can analyze and relate to their local presence.

Aside from refining your local offer and gaining insight into competition, you can use our analysis for your own assessment on risk of doing business with local companies you supply; it can provide you with guidance for cost-effective sourcing of local produce; it could provide unparalleled information for your expansion or local buy-out process, etc.

As a common part of our sector analysis, key market indicators supplied through our research will reveal industry trends and market shares of key players and pinpoint your position.

CUBE’s data and analysis empowers your team with important market and competition understanding enabling it in making decisive, cost effective, precise and efficient action.

Our analysis provides our clients’ team with clear growth opportunities and assists in strategy creation.

What our analysis provides:

  •  General market information
  •  Key market indicators and statistics
  •  Detailed information on companies within the sector
  •  Risk assessments for companies of interest
  •  Detailed external trade data and analysis
  •  Detailed competition intelligence and trade data


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