Portfolio Analysis

Portfolio Analysis represents set of detailed analysis of all or selected business partners of the company. By understanding the relative value and risk of doing business with each customer, you can begin to focus sales and marketing efforts on the most profitable ones and those with least risk.

Portfolio Analysis allows you to identify and examine indicators what affect customers potential and credit risk. Based on the most recent data, summary reporting will show customers with low liquidity, deteriorating solvency, and overall downward business trends. On the other side you will be able to see customers with improving financial and other business indicators.

Portfolio Analysis will enable you to:

  • Control overall credit risk of customer portfolio
  • Detect customers with high level financial risk
  • Identify customers with above average growth
  • Improve investment and sales planning
  • Shorten collection periods and decrease mount of receivables


  • The easiest way to determine clients with the highest risk
  • Gain insight in potential of low risk clients
  • The fastest way to understand critical changes in portfolio
  • Identify the current state of clients in order to plan for future cooperation

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