Monitoring is business tool that allows you to monitor daily or montly changes in your portfolio. Your customer, supplier and competitor data are constantly changing. Our experience shows that effective credit monitoring can help you reduce credit losses by 10 to 20 percent. Monitoring can help you remain current on changes in your customers’ data that could negatively affect your business. Cube monitoring tracks changes on daily basis and delivers reports to your email. Cube is able to track all publicly available information about the company. In particular we can monitor for changes in:

  • Bank account blocks
  • Representatives and ownership
  • Addresses
  • Company linkage
  • Court judgments
  • Bankruptcies and liquidations

You can choose one of options:

  • Qbing® |             –daily changes of blocked bank account statuses
  • Qbing® | Basic   –status changes, blockade sum and trend on daily bases
  • Qbing® | Basic+ –status changes and their related parties
  • Qbing® |Pro       –changes of all registered data on monthly bases


  • Reduction of operating end credit risk trough efficient client monitor
  • Early indicators of possible critical change in client’s liquidity
  • Early indicators of potential structural change of the clients
  • Improvement of sales trough competition monitor


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