Competitive Analysis

Competition Analysis represent the product that presents comparison of your company and mayor competitors, using unique methodology. Cube enables you to keep track of the competition with advanced competitive analysis reports.

Competition analysis reports deliver timely, in-depth data and analysis that enable sales teams, marketing professionals, product managers, and management to continuously improve business performance and anticipate and counter competitive threats.

Analysis contains following sections:

  • General overview      – preview of financial, risk and import/export parameters
  • Individual overview    – detailed presentation of every competitor individually
  • Conclusion                 – simple overview of the most critical indicators

Our Competition Analysis provide valuable insight on:

  • What is happening on the market
  • Benchmark indicators of the company compared to competition
  • Financial performance and strength of competitors
  • Identification and analysis of linked companies within competitors
  • External trade intelligence and analysis
  • Other information and data of interest to our clients

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